Our Mission

encouraging education and local involvement

The mission of Resonator Gallery is to encourage our community to think a little bit differently about art and society through direct engagement with art, culture and entrepreneurial opportunities.
Resonator stimulates dynamic learning and engagement through original art, community celebrations and cultural development.
Resonator organizes exhibitions, educational programs and collective occasions to bring enjoyment and encourage inquiry.
Our ultimate measure of success is to have a space well used by our community for social, entrepreneurial and cultural events.

Our History

From open storage bay to beautiful gallery

  • Spring 2008

    Our ideas community begins in the Turbine Flats Building with 22 people and 11,500 square feet

  • Winter 2017

    Our third major rennovation of our building is complete and Resonator is unveiled

  • Today

    Resonator serves as a hub of art, innovation and culture for Turbine Flats and the surrounding community

More Than A Gallery

Three distinct spaces to serve your needs



Connection point for many